Advertise your event or offer on Things to do York and YorkMix

Display advertising

This works really well for offers – such as ‘kids eat free’ or early bird menus – and events, such as sales or open days.

In-post advertising

These adverts are inserted into every story on the site, except ‘hard’ news stories.

They are high visibility and draw the readers’ attention to your business.

They are also perfectly placed to be seen by readers who read via Facebook or Twitter. If a story goes viral, your advert will be visible within it.

You will be one of just 20 in-post advertisers across the entire site. Each advert is displayed the same number of times, and gains the same amount exposure.

We can provide information, such as number of clicks and number of people who have seen your advert during its time live.

Just £50 + VAT per month

In post adverts cost just £50 + VAT for one month.


Advert artwork size is 390 x 260 pixels in size and 72ppi resolution.